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Demogames Cover Deckmocracy webBecome a democratic detective! Get to know surprising and relevant stories from democracies while uncovering the riddles.

Learning targets in a nutshell:

  • Increase the factual knowledge as well as the comprehension and critical understanding of democratic norms, values and institutions
  • Connect individual examples of democratic practice to abstract concepts of democracy
  • Analytical thinking, flexibility, observing
  • Reflect upon and strengthen democratic values of equality, fairness, and justice

Number of players: 4 - 12

Difficulty: This game requires language skills and a basic understanding of political and societal issues.

Timing: 5 minutes for introduction and explanation of the rules, 15 minutes for one card (one riddle), max 25 minutes for discussion on the riddle's topic.

Digital version: Observers exists also as a web-based game that can be played on your phone, tablet, or computer:

Become competent in democracy! In the Competence card game, you playfully discover the competences that citizens need in a democratic and culturally diverse society: the competences for democratic culture.
Deckmocracy is an analogue card game about events in democracies. What democratic principles, institutions and rights, what threats to democracy and which parts of society make an event? Discover it by playing.
Demodice is a cube-based storytelling game. The symbols on the dice trigger and guide the imagination of the players to create stories around democracy.
Fake Expert is a communicative game of social deduction. Players take the role of talkshow guest making short statements about democatic issues and trying to expose one fake expert player.
Draw-the-line is literally a game about drawing lines. It’s a game about us being competitive or cooperative, a game that allows to reflect upon categorizations and divisions, cleavages in our society.
Become a democratic detective! Get to know surprising and relevant stories from democracies while uncovering the riddles.
In Participedia, players take on the role of a representative of a civil society organisation which designs, implements or supports public participation through innovative participative events.
Utopia is a board game in which the players form an interim government in a transition to democracy. They collectively win the game if they successfully establish the conditions for the first parliamentary elections.