The Demogames Massive Open Online Course 

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) includes six modules, each of them presented by videos. It is directed at players and practitioners in democracy education. The videos provide background information about democracy and competences for democratic culture, practical tipps about education and facilitation, and yet another way to get to know the games, game materials and game rules.

The following videos are available as part of the Demogames MOOC. Click on the preview images to start the video. Or, click on the title within the preview image to open the video directly in YouTube.

Module 1.1 – Why Demogames

Module 1.2 – Demogames' MOOC

Module 1 – Conversation about Democracy


Module 2: Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture and Demogames


Module 3.1: Gamification, game-based learning, serious games

Module 3.2 - Game-based learning

Module 4.1 Facilitating Demogames

Module 4.2 Debriefing Demogames

Module 4.3 Feedback for Demogames


Module 5 Competence Card Game

Module 5 Deckmocracy 1 Overview

Module 5 Deckmocracy 2 Rules

Module 5 Deckmocracy 3 Facilitation

Module 5 Draw the line 1 How to play

Module 5 Draw the line 2 Facilitation

Module 5 Demodice


Module 5: Fake Expert (Rule Explanation)

Module 5 Observers

Module 5: Participedia 1 (Rules of the Game)

 Module 5: Participadia 2 (Facilitation Tips)

Module 5 Utopia 1 Presentation and Facilitation

Module 5 Utopia 2 Content and learning targets

Module 5 Utopia 3 Game structure, game objective, player objectives

Module 5 Utopia 4 Game mechanics and game rules

Module 6 Future of Demogames



All videos are also available in the Demogames YouTube Channel