Demogames Trainings

The Demogames partner organsiations developed a model curriculum to familiarise youth workers and other interested practitioners with the Democracy Game Box, provide helpful background information about democracy and democracy education, and train trainers in facilitating game-based learning sessions. The four-day workshop was tested and evaluated in spring 2022 with almost 40 participants in Timisoara (Romania).
On this website, we share the model curriculum for a four day workshop and publish current training and teaching events related to Demogames as best practices.

The University of Erfurt conducted a block seminar as part of its General Studies that used Demogames’ Democracy Game Box and Facilitator’s Manual to introduce undergraduate students to concepts of non-formal education and game-based learning. The seminar as well included a public event in the city of Altenburg in which the course’s participants used the Demogames Deckmocracy, Demodice, Fake Expert and Observers to promote and discuss Human Rights and democratic values with the public.

Where: Germany

When: November – December 2022

Who: University of Erfurt

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.